Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Hello June~!

half of the year is ending~

Okie 4 more weeks till the end but waaa time passes so fast XD

I guess it's better than 'slow' because it means we are bored or there's nothing much happening /w/

A month soon since I came back to Medan and I'm pretty much back at my calm days after 2 continuous weeks of performance and most importantly I'm enjoying life! XD

Here comes my last writing of Tokyo + 2 weeks in Medan + first 3 days in Bali~!

This time I stayed in private landed house~

The shoujo manga situationnnnnnn 😂
Okie I wrote about it in my first Tokyo 2018 trip blog post but it's really so so close, can go to each other's house via the window 😂

Last day in Tokyo, Ikebukuro, my last greeting part 1 (?)

Last day no makeup -> put on mask like a weeb, especially it's anime mask 😂
OnoD's 'YES MY LORD' always make me cry (I just rewatched Kuroshitsuji lately 😂)

I still got lost on my third visit 😂 and I found Ikebukuro's owl~

Ikebukuro's owl is one of the spots in Ikebukuro station that's being used as 'meeting point'~
That's why there were a lot of people around it = it was hard for me to take proper photo~

Greeting part 2 😂

OnoD's standee is still what I would like to buy the most during that trip but it ain't for sale duh 😂
I guess important stuff is priceless 😂

One of the stairs in Animate~

I think the right one is OnoD's character from Legend of Galactic Heroes~
At the end of the day I don't watch the anime though 😂

I found one of the cat cafes in Ikebukuro, the name is Mocha Lounge~
And I found another 'collaboration cafe' with the name Princess cafe~

Princess Cafe was having collaboration with Piano no mori~
Found them on my way to find lunch from Animate~

Including the gyoza~!

I craved for fried rice and gyoza but also felt like having ramen so I had everything 😂

I'm not only happy to stay at Ikebukuro because of the otome road but also, there was a show I was going to watch on my last day~!
I bought the ticket some days ago during my stop at Lawson :D

The only time I went to Ikebukuro Sunshine is for the show XD

Ikebukuro Sunshine has a theatre with the name Sunshine Theatre~

I didn't walk this far during my visit on September but it was the same level with cosplay gathering~
Welcomed by big poster of goods 😂

The show I was going to watch was Kuroko no Basket stage play; my very first experience of watching 2.5D stage!

Walk toward the entrance~

2.5D stage is a growing entertainment in Japan
Since the last few years, a number of anime and games have been made into stage plays that there are even schools that provide 2.5D musical course (like a 2 years diploma, like seiyuu course~)

It is definitely an area to make money especially because of the actors (there are even seiyuu who do musicals and vice versa) and goods

My seat was second floor, but we were using stairs, so it kinda felt like third or fourth row XD

Of course no photo was allowed, thus that was the only photo I took in the theatre XD

Even until now I still wonder whether Japanese really work or not 🙄
or to be exact fujoshi 🙄
it was a Thursday, 1 or 2 pm but it was almost full house 🙄

I definitely have the ticket still with me as commemmoration XD

Okieeee review time XD
I'd rate my first 2.5D stage experience as 8.5/10!!

First of all....I think this is quite shameful but one important thing for me is the actors look so good 😂
It didn't feel like cosplay 😂
But this is definitely Japan's quality
It's not that I had any betrayed expectation nor I looked down on 2.5D industry (because I am already in Osomatsu stage play 😂) but it's more to better than expected

I won't say KnB's character design as one of my favorites (I rate it as 6.5/10, I think FREE is more beautiful 😂) but this play kinda made me fall in love with the characters' look more than the anime (and definitely more than the manga 😂)

It was crowded but there was no queue to the entrance BUT there was a queue for the goods' sales =w=
I uploaded goods available above and I wasn't interested in any, until I watched the show 😂
I bought my stuff during the intermission (there was a break in between the 3 hrs show) + after the show 😂

This was the second or third time KnB has a stage play
I didn't properly check what's the stage play is about (beside guys playing basketball duh) so I was pretty surprised with the content
As the poster has Murasakibara & Himuro, I thought that's what the whole play is about them but apparently not
I guess I'm sorry to Aomine because he doesn't stand out in the poster but the first half of the show was about Seirin VS Aomine's team during the Winter cup 😂

KnB stage play isn't a musical
The only time the casts dance were in the opening and the ending, with the same song, that almost made me cry; CAN DO by Grandrodeo ;w;
I loveee that song the most XD
I almost cried too when they played Fantastic Tune at the end of the show, during the 'the show is over please don't forget your belonging when you leave the venue' announcement but it's just me, being weird as always when I suddenly hear songs that have memory 😂

Back to the content
The main story is still about Winter Cup, Kagami VS Himuro, Seirin VS Murasakibara's team as the opening was Kagami suddenly saw Himuro playing~
But as I mentioned before, the first part was about Aomine's team

I'm sorry, Aomine is not the least character from Miracle Generation that I like but....
I fell asleep halfway 😂

I fell asleep during the competition part because the playing wasn't too interesting for me 😂
Of course they don't play 100% like in the anime (only magical basketball players can play like in KnB I think 😂) so sometime they only do the hand movement without the ball, followed with random comment by the spectator (team manager or Midorima and his partner that I suddenly forget his name)
So yes I fell asleep half way 😂

At least I didn't sleep all the way till the end 😂
I woke up at the end of the competition and almost cried when Aomine's senior said 'this is our last competition, thanks for your hard work, I leave the team to you'
Other audience cried too, because that's the sweet and bitter part of sport team in high school right ;w;
And with that, I went for a drink as the 15-20 mins break came~

I was awake the whole time during Seirin VS Murasakibara's team competition!!!
Murasakibara is my first love from KnB to start with 😂
And, I find Murasakibara's actor very handsome 😂
Thus I enjoyed the later part the most 😂

Midorima, his friend and Akashi appeared too but not Kise
Only Kise's voice was heard 😂

When I watched Osomatsu's musical with my cousin, we were confused as to why the actors 'comeout-enter-comeout-enter-comeout-enter' thrice at the end of the show during curtain call BUT YES THEY REALLY DID IT----
I still don't understand why but that was something for me XD

Commemmoration photo~

I surely would love to watch other 2.5D stage plays of series I know again in the future
From idol series such as Utapri, B-Pro, to my favorite otome game Yume100
I look forward to my next stage play experience >w<

Advertisement of Hakuoki's exhibition that will be happening in Ikebukuro Sunshine

I feel that Hakuoki is definitely Otomate's most popular series =w=

The venue where cosplay gathering happened during my previous visit
Which connects right away to Otome Road~

My last greeting part 3? 😂
From there I walked back to my lodging before heading down to the airport

Again, it was a Thursday afternoon =w=

My last meal in Japan

This time, I went back via Haneda Airport
I've always been going back from Narita Airport so it was my first time~

Haneda Airport's departure floor had this special floor that's filled with Japan's tradition shops and I had dinner at an Oden restaurant
This is one of the 'sometime restaurant's food ain't as nice as smaller stall's food' happening but it was still good :D

I dropped by Jakarta for 2 days before going back to Medan~

I spent one night in the plane -> a day without shower -> full bath once I reached Jakarta XD

The reason why I dropped by Jakarta was for my cousin's wedding~

Was in Jakarta but didn't feel like it because I didn't go anywhere except the hotel and the wedding venue 😂

Indonesia's food is still one of the best food in the world 😂

Sometime I do understand why some people prefer Indonesian or Chinese food over Japanese food
I think it's because of the flavour

Like (this isn't so positive but) Indonesia's food has micin? flavoring + Indonesia's rich in spices
But I do love (non-spicy 😂) nasi padang and fried rice (rice is life 😂)

This time I bought KitKat Tokyo Banana instead of the usual Tokyo Banana for my friends XD
Followed with my loots from KnB stage play 😂

I bought 2 photobooks + photo printssssss 😂
That's how much I think the characters so good looking 😂
May be if Kise's print is there, I'd buy too because he's my second favorite 😂
There are even characters that I didn't like in the anime but I bought 😂
From Gay basketball, it feels more like Hostclub basketball 😂

First photoshoot work after I got back from Japan~

After 12 days of being away from Medan, I came back and my first job was a photoshoot~

I feeeeel goooodddd

Cause the theme is black XD

Followed with white shirt the next day XD

My memory of that day is going to watch movie but I didn't bring contact lens 😂

Went to watch Infinity Wars with Wakanda beside me 😂

Okie my very first time entering cinema in 2018 was in May 😂
Infinity wars -> a lot of people disappeared / dying -> i rarely go cinema and once i went many died 😂

I can count the number of Marvel movies I've watched and a number of the characters that appeared, I didn't watch their solo movie 😂
My knowledge of Marvel comes from cosplayers in my FB timeline 😂
My first reaction was Lokiiiii D:
Second reaction was Dr Strange so handsome ah 😂

A week after I came back was a whole day of work

Back to cosplaying after a few months of not XD
But it was a really simple cosplay + not fully accurate (the shoes and socks ;o;) but it's heroine of my most favorite gameeee >o<

A lot of people commented that I look different 😂

Yume100 anime was announced for July 2018, at last can see her proper fringe + at last have eyes (apparently heroine in otome game no eyes 😂) but I did this cosplay before the announcement
I'm glad that that wig that I was using, the fringe still can fix for the anime's heroine hair /w/

Another inaccuracy is I don't have Yume100's princess ring 😂

I joined a talkshow in Bodhicitta school

I was invited by Mr. Darwin Wu from Canon

I worked with Mr. Darwin Wun last year for a number of photoshoots and this time, he invited me for this sharing session with middle school students at Bodhicitta.

It was about how I got into cosplay, some of my portfolio, and once again I realized that cosplaying isn't easy
To be exact, working in entertainment industry isn't easy

It's something that no one can keep doing if there's no passion or love for it
Since I was talking mainly about cosplay, there's of course hardship of getting costume (I don't make my own costume), location for photoshoot, photographer that have same vision with me (well this is an industry that communication is important too) and of course wearing a costume itself isn't something easy
But I can't deny that I still love this hobby

It's like I don't like wearing makeup all the time (like I don't put on makeup if I'm only going to the gym) but I love makeup, it still give me joy
So I think the power of 'love' is what's most important

I sang a bit and gave away my photobook to one of the students~

What Mr. Darwin Wu wanted the students to know more is about the growth of Artificial Intelligence technology
If we aren't eager to learn or to act, we'll be taken down by the AI

I don't find it wrong because we can definitely defeat AI technology, especially in the art and entertainment industry
The 'easy' reason is 'AI has no feel' cause AI doesn't have heart
The more complex reasoning I have is even though AI technology is considered advance, I think it's 'old', it's the 'past'

Because human is the one that can think of new idea and new creation
Robot can only do what it is set to do and nothing new, unless we update it
But still it doesn't mean that we should just lay back and relax
Instead we should take it as a challenge and adventure to think of something new to not be removed by the 'past' :D

The photoshoot I had few days ago was for this event XD
Thank you so much Mr. Darwin Wu and Canon <3

Photos time <3

Went back home for a quick lunch~

From late afternoon till the event was an event that I've been looking forward to the most <3

V Kanon's first karaoke gathering <3

The date was April 28th 2018, a year since VIVID GIRL was released in Digital Platforms <3
I had my very first karaoke gathering (10 people including me, 2 left earlier) for 3 hours at HOME Karaoke~!

Fivienny nee-chan left earlier with her husband

We had matching coordinate XD it was coincidence in my side hehe~! <3

After all, 3 hrs for 10 people weren't enough XD
I really hope to hold another one may be in July (definitely after Ramadhan as karaoke shops close in Indonesia during the fasting month~)
Many prefer 4 hrs for 10 people instead of me doing 2 '3-hrs' sessions of 6-8 people

I don't remember every single songs we sung in the karaoke but here are some:
- Perfect (I think Erick or Mika added this :D)
- Dragon Night (by Alvin, nice song to get high XD)
- Pledge (by YoungHui, sadly not much VKei JROCK song there ;w;)
- ShanHuHai (duet with ShunShun~! thank you for the request <3)
- Melodies of Life (by Linda <3 she has nice voice <3)
- Time to say good-bye (by Fivienny nee-chan. Omg so long since I last sang this and it reminded me of the time I had vocal class ages ago XD)
- Toumei Datta Sekai (by ShunShun~! sadly no other naruto songs there ;w;)
- This is me (FROM CAMP ROCK AND NOT GREATEST SHOW MAN by Fivienny nee-chan---- it was my first time having someone I know choosing that song during karaoke that I almost cried 😂)
- Kimi ga shiranai monogatari (I chose this XD)
- Splash free (someone chose this but sadly I was outside when it played T-T I want to splash free next timeeeee 😂)

Thank you for participating m(_ _)m
Yoroshiku for my next one!

Photo by Alvin XD

Somehow my costume matches the waiting area's decoration <3 hehe

Another photoshoot, few days before leaving to Bali~

It was a photoshoot for my favorite aesthetic clinic in town; Alter Age Clinic by Dr. Yenny <3

The first one was with short hair wig

No the plan isn't to be a shota but I think I look like one 😂

Second one was with princessy dress

The shoot was with a wig too, selfies taken after I took off my wig XD

I rarely wear such dress so I spammed my photo with my selfies 😂

One of my favorite quotes; 'I rarely girl but once I girl I so girl'

and I'm off to Bali-----

I definitely didn't expect this year to be packed with flights when the year started but I'm grateful for it~

I always put my bag in the compartment above my seat in the plane~

Because I always carry big bag 😂
So I always either use extra eco-bag or this multi-functional pouch XD

The photo above is actually my headphone's case (my multi-functional pouch 😂)
The only candy I consume; sugar free mint candy, handkerchief, hand lotion, face spray, lip balm, mirror, compact powder, brush, charger cable, blusher...
I think my portable charger is behind my handkerchief XD

Reached Bali after 5 hrs flight from Medan (including transit~)

First time taking photo of the nice decoration in the airport~
Followed with dessert after dinner~

The reason why I was in Bali was for my cousin's wedding (again 😂)

Another girl day 😂


Break time before wedding party in the evening

I was staying at the newly opened Aryaduta Bali
It isn't connected to any beach but it was beside a mall

I like my makeup and dress that day XD

another day where I spammed my phone with selfies, because I also like my wing eyeliner that day 😂

I was at the second floor of the hotel~

Not really a tanning session but I enjoyed Bali's warmth

One thing I like about Bali's outdoor is even though it's hot, it's moisture
May be some people doesn't like because more moisture and humid = it's easier to get sweaty but I prefer that than hot and dry weatehr
In a way I save money as I don't need to use face mask at night because I don't feel dry 😂

Blue for the night~

I didn't change my makeup at all, only touched up and added darker lipstick~
As the wedding party is more formal than dinner and lunch with family, I wore longer outfit XD

With my mum~

View from the wedding party venue

Reached before sunset~

Wedding party started after sunset~

The wedding party was at one of my favorite spots; Karma Beach

When the sun's bright, it's hard to take photo cause of people 😂
Followed with the angle that my cousin likes the most 😂

He likes high angle cause can see full body but I think it's funny, cause it's as if CCTV 😂

With my aunty and uncle~

Because it was a family gathering~

after 2 days of family fathering, official Bali trip started on DAY3 XD

Started living at SwissBell Bali from DAY3
Wearing Tshirt from that was part of collaboration charity project with mettamini

The tshirt series focused on daruma
I have 2 shirts from the series and the one I was wearing has one of my favorite motivational phrases;
'fall down seven times get up eight' <3

The V everyone saw one day ago during the wedding isn't the real V
this is the real V 😂

Can't deny it <3

Went to this house that's kind of a tourist spot for the animal & snack shop

The one in the cage is a mix breed of tiger and lion
But what interested me the most is the one at the most right, second photo

Followed with deer~ and turtle and a lot of birds in the premise

Like my first Tokyo 2018 post, this post is like a warming up to my Bali post because I didn't go much places from DAY1-DAY3 XD
But trip in Bali to start with is a relaxing (and pretty lazy 😂) one, so even though next post will be about my remaining 3.5 days in Bali, I'll also include some happening after I got back~!

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