Thursday, 21 June 2018

Last part of May

I'm currently in the middle of my June trip but here comes last part of May~!
Continuation from my previous post, first few days in Bali~!
With this, my blog backlog is clear~!
At last I can write about June in June 😂

DAY4 in Bali, hello sunshine <3

I mentioned before that I'm like a vampire in Medan; I rarely go under the sun
So I do long for sun ray and at last I had a rendezvous with Mr Sun 😂

The second photo is also commemorating my first time touching sand in 2018 😂
I really feel like mountain turtle 😂

I went to 3 beaches that day~

My gym result (arms) can be seen at the second photo 😂

I don't remember exactly which beach I went but I was at Uluwatu area as my lodging is also there~!

The beach was pretty big and have nice cave <3

From a far

From near XD

And half asleep 😂

Because of monthly? reason, I didn't get the chance to wear bikini 🌝

Photos with natural lighting is best <3

I didn't get the chance to do tanning too 😭
In a good way, I didn't drink much alcohol during this trip but the bad thing is, I ate a lot 😂

For lunch, we went to the beach area where Eat Pray Love was recorded~

View of the sea from the restaurant

had fried rice~

Honestly speaking I still prefer Medan's food :x
The food there betrayed the view 😂

Photos taken while seating on the table~
it was quite high from the ground so my heart was racing fast 😂

V's version of EAT PRAY LOVE 😂

1. EAT it's basic in life
2. Seiyuu it's basic (need) in (V's) life
3. Sleep it's basic in life
That's the kind of thrash I am 😂

After lunch, we went to the beach that we saw from the restaurant~

The path was pretty unusual, for we needed to go down stairs to the beach~

The stairs were ok; not too steep not too high though can be a little tiring but one thing that people fear and dislike will be wild monkeys~

There were 2 ways of going back up!
the first photo is the same path we used to go down while the second one is at the opposite side, narrow path~!

It was bright and sunny, thus the second path was ok for me who dislike darkness 😂

The second beach was smaller than the first and no nice cave, only rock~

Thus I didn't take any photo since the look also pretty similar (duh they are at the same area~ just different name)
Plus it was smaller, but the same amount of people with the previous beach so it was more packed~

For sunset was a beach bar~!

Another rare happening when I'm at Medan; catching sunset

The only time I've ever catch sunrise was when I was in my last year of uni, rushing for deadline, but that was seeing outside bright already from my room 😂
As a weeb I really wish to experience 'hatsuhinode' (seeing first sunrise of the new year) but Idk when 😂
I don't wish to see sunrise at the mountain because I have fear for mountain 😂

The beach bar was pretty popular + they don't accept reservation =
sat at our table from 1.30-2 hrs before sunset

My only tanning session!? LOL
It was a great chance for me to read my book, the book that I got last year 😂

As I know that visiting Bali = relaxation trip (beside the wedding party but that's only 2 days), thus I brought 2 novels~!
Although one of the reasons is I wanted to do suntan while reading but I still made myself to finish 2 books in 3 days

Okay I cheated 😂
I ended up only reading the English part of the book
Short Stories in Japanese: New Penguin Parallel Textit's a novel with both Japanese and English translation side by side~)

A bit of review :3
There are 8 short stories and I enjoyed 2-3 stories only
(I forgot one of the stories and couldn't find summary in the internet @@)

The first story by Murakami is definitely my favorite, even though I was disappointed that it was only 2 pages but it totally show why I love Murakami; beautiful description and ending that feels like rhetorical question

I'd recommend this book to people who are curious about modern Japanese literature, for definitely the stories are more to dark than bright~
Of course it's good for people who are studying Japanese too!
I'd rate it as 7/10; 2 points only for the story XD
I hope to find more of this kind of books~!

As the sun goes down, more and more people came~

The place sure was beautiful and nice :D

By the way, beside wine during wedding party, I think that was the only time I had alcohol in Bali 😂

There was a couple taking pre-wedding photo

I think it was pretty dangerous, for it was near the swimming pool = I'd be scared of slipping down 😂

Can see mini moon~

Andddd it's sunset photos time :D

Pure weeb? 😂

I wanted to do kamekameha but I didn't know how to tell my cousin 😂

But my favorite moment during sunset is twilight~

Slightly after sunset~
Because the cloud feels pinkish~ as in there are pink shades~!
I was also a big fan of OwlCity before for his song 'Vanilla Twilight' XD

Thus ended my DAY4~
There's really not much to write about Bali that I'm kinda crying inside 😂

DAY5 yo it's basketball jersey time~

The last time I went to Bali back in 2017, I purchased 4 basketball jersey and so far I've only worn 2, with 1 being in the photo 😂
I rarely wear sleeveless to gym so yes I don't have much chance to wear it in Medan 😂

Had pork ribs at WAHAHA~

I starved myself by not having breakfast on DAY5 because I know that I'd be eating ALOT that day 😂

Starting with pork ribs~
IT was my first time eating at WAHAHA for I ate at Hog Wild before
I think I enjoyed Hog Wild's more, though WAHAHA is less warm because it's indoor~

At the other hand, I also enjoy Tomy Roma's pork ribs in Singapore so I'm not so picky though XD

DAY5 was a whole day in Seminyak area

I guess it's because I frequently go there but after all I enjoy Seminyak area best XD

It's like the reason why I prefer Hawaii compared to Bali is there are malls and shop houses near public beach in Hawaii, so like city + nature at one place
In other words, I can't stay in 'natural' place 😂
I like to enjoy both sides XD

But yes! Seminyak after a year of not~!

I did take a few photos of the street but I decided not to upload everything because I feel like I always take photo of the same place all the time 😂
And I had ice cream like barely 2 hrs after my pork ribs 😂

I believe I kept on writing about Seminyak before + photos so yes 😂
That's how much I love Seminyak 😂

Passed by this ice cream store on my way to Seminyak Village and that day I couldn't say no to ice cream 😂
I had salted caramel ice cream, for I'm a big fan of salted caramel~
IT was just fine, not uber delicious but ok for a hot day~!

When it comes to Bali, there's only 1 place that I miss the most, even now
Because it's my first love


I think I also took photo of the board before too but I agree to itttttt

As I was with my family, I was pretty worried about not being able to have my lovely pancake (I can't rush elders..) but I'm so happy that I had it 😭
I reached like an hour before closing time 😭

1 year anniversary commemoration photo /slapped

I definitely gained weight from all the eating + car ride + cafe in Bali 😭
I didn't have much time to go to the gym after my Japan trip too 
(barely 2 weeks before Bali---)

My love red velvet pancake aaaaaaa
And yes 'People who Love to Eat are always the best people' 😂

I'm so happy that day after eating that I really didn't mind going back to Medan right away 😂
Well duh my only aim in Bali has been accomplished XD <3

I still can feel the tastiness as I'm looking at the photo while blogging..
FAT TURTLE is truly the only recommended place for me 😂

Fat Turtle checked <3

IT was my mum and dad's first visit to my love XD

I had the whole pancake I believe less than an hour from the ice cream 😂
But that day I truly ate a lot 😂

IT's sunset time~ went to another new place~!

New place as in my first time visiting~!
This place is my new favorite place in Bali; La Laguna

It's a cafe with gypsy theme and design

There were caravans and the outdoor seat feels like from music festival? XD

One of the caravans provide Tarot Card service~
nope I don't trust in card reading so I didn't try :B

This is the semi-outdoor seats~

The indoor seats~

Pretty long path from the entrance to the beach area but it was nice~!

Reached there minutes away from sunset XD
I actually recorded a walking video and uploaded them in 2 parts in my Twitter :D

Commemoration photo~!

And my favorite twilight <3

The seating cafe area from the beach point of view~

I don't know whether that's how it is or not but that day, my family and I entered for free XD
There was a staff at the entrance, like someone who looks at guest list but we weren't questioned or anything 😂

Last photo, and off to dinner~!

Had early dinner 😂I think at 7
that's like barely 2 hours since Fat Turtle 😂

Actually, more than over eating, it's more like I'm bloated that day due to eating without proper break in between 😂
I did walk around Seminyak area while eating ice cream but it totally didn't count as exercise 😂

Anyway, pork ribs checked, fat turtle checked, nasi bali checked, I really felt like just come back to Medan right away that night 😂
Thus my last day in Bali, DAY6, I was damnnnnn lethargic

After going to various places to buy gifts and snacks, I visited Milesstone Coffee

I'm someone who can easily be fooled by 'internet review' but this definitely didn't fool me~!
The design definitely reminded me of my lovely Coffeenatics and the coffee was as good~!

Okay I don't drink coffee
But that day I kepo, ordered frappe 😂
because I saw 'salted caramel frappe😂

I still don't enjoy the 'coffee' part, but I enjoyed the cafe's mood~!

That day I finished another novel that I brought; The Translation of Love by Lynne Kutsukake
I started a few chapters the night before and finished it that day
I'd give 6.5/10

The story is about post-war Japan, so there were a number of American in Japan
I like that the novel is easy to read, easy to understand, even the foreshadowing aspect is pretty straight forward
But in a way it's a bit too simple
It could raise my will to keep on reading but it's more like 'I believe this is how it'll turn out, so I wanna read more to prove what I believe'

I'd recommend it to people who want light story line :D

DAY6's sunset?

My friend recommended OMNIA to me; newly opened beach bar that started like a week before my arrival~

But I ended up not having any sunset viewing there

Because there's a minimum charge of 4 million Rupiah per table
The number is a bit impossible for my group 😂
mainly because only my cousin and I drink alcohol, 2 out of 6 people
Even if we were to order snacks, I don't think the amount is reachable 😂

At the other hand, it was cloudy that day too~

I didn't see sunset at all on my last day in Bali 😂
Went back to hotel early after dinner for packing~

View from my room

Last photo from my trip, right before my flight :D

I went back from Bali on Wednesday, and I was ready for my May's work schedule <3

It was pretty 'barely on time' because we recorded in May and uploaded in May XD

But it was a real fun ride with Kelana <3
I learned new thing (how to eat in princess style XD) but I was having a cold (after eating too much at BALI!? 😂my mum my cousin my dad were pretty sick in Bali so I got it after the trip 😂) 
I didn't talk much but it was really a fun drive <3

We received sponsorship from Pari Pari Fish Skin <3

We are always grateful all the food drink snack CD that we've received <3
We are of course always open for sponsorship for our upcoming episodes too :D

Photos from my first modelling job this year~

My very first job in 2018 was a modelling job with my lovely aesthetic clinic in town; Alter Age Clinic
These 2 photos are only 2 out of mannyyyyyyy

Of course I had 2 more photoshoots that I mentioned in my previous post too
I look forward to more photos <3

Celebrated my cousin's birthdayyyyy

Apparently I know quite a number of people whose birthday in May

Okay, 2 are my idols 😂
like for example OnoD, I celebrated with short song cover of my favorite song 
and the sextuplet from Osomatsu-san, which I also did short song cover 
May's short song covers are pretty biased 

But anyway, May is my crazy sister Mei's birthday XD
The surprise party was on her birthday night, because she busy 😂

The plan was to bring her to karaoke (because we are karaoke duo~) then my other cousins will bring cake to surprise her but she already had plan on her birthday eve
But I'm really happy that we managed to do it on her birthday because karaoke is closed during fasting month in Indonesia, and her birthday was on the even of this year's fasting month
IT was hard for me to reserve HOME karaoke because the store wasn't even sure when fasting starts TwT
In a way it means next year can't celebrate her birthday in karaoke because it'll be fasting month 😂

She was truly surprised because she thought I simply just wanna sing with her 😂
I actually thought that our plan was seen through by her because I don't usually push her to sing karaoke with me (to be exact I'm more to waiting for her invitation 😂)
But yes that was a happy happening in May :D

I bought stuff for myself as I bought stuff for my sister 😂

I knew Tsukiuta way before her but once she joined me to watch the Tsukiuta show back in December, she's more of a fan than me 😂Thus I bought her Tsukiusa (bunnies from Tsukiuta) and bought one for myself (in the middle)~

The one I bought is from my most favorite song; ONE CHANCE
Apparently some of the lyric is written on the bunny XD

The blue and pink ones are Tsukirusu
They are squirrels, from SolidS'
I may look dumb because I could've bought cheaper ones during my Tokyo trip but yea 

The seiyuu of the blue squirrel is one of my fave seiyuus; Umehara Yuichiro
He is taking a break from work because of health problem so I'm quite sad, though of course I'm happier that he is taking a break to get healthier
But it is indeed sad to see announcement now and then from anime with his voice, announcing that other cast is replacing him 
Get well soonnnnn

The pink squirrel is by Hanae Natsuki, whose famous line is 'oha' :D
I'm truly buying these dolls for the seiyuu only 

What I was waiting for the most in May

Second; preparation for Home Centra Night with Addie Ms' performance

The rehearsal was a day before the performance day

Buddy was with me~

It was my first time meeting Mr Addie MS and his orchestra team; Twilite Orchestra
I'm definitely the most unfriendly person one can meet out there because I'm shy, hard to open up and all those but Mr Addie MS is one of the friendliest person I've met in the music industry.

He introduced me to his team and we rehearsed 'You'll be in my heart in my heart' for it was the song we were supposed to perform together.
Before that day, his keyboardist, Mr Glen Dauna, sent me his arranged version of You'll be in my heart for me to practice.
That day, we discussed about how we should perform it and decided: verse -> chorus -> bridge -> chorus~

The practice was hassle free and very quick
I do salute the team for their teamwork and of course, quality of their performance
I only saw and listened the 'rehearsal' version but it felt like I was listening a CD; as in it was smooth and beautiful
My first time watching a full orchestra and I do wish for more chance in the future

I didn't interact much with other performers beside Mr Addie MS (even that was less than 10 sentences LOL)
But Mr Glen Dauna greeted me and told me to not be afraid on the real day, because I was definitely nervous 😂

I really wish to work with both him and Mr Addie MS again in the future, because I really love their working attitude <3

Rehearsal before the real performance~

I brought my own microphone that I bought back in Jakarta few months ago

I think it's obvious from vlog by Renren that I do bring ALOT in my bag and definitely that day too 😂
My bag was extremely heavy because of my microphone too but I'm always happy when my bag can fit everything XD
Okie not really everything as I brought extra stuff for my performance such as makeup but still, my main needs are in my bag :B

First Love Live cosplay in 2018 XD

I was my lovely Kayochin that day >w<
As I'm mostly comfortable as Kayochin, Maki and Niko, I'm actually thinking of investing in more of their costumes, because idol costumes are always nice when I perform on stage XD

I'm kinda sad that LLS' costume is not as many as LL but for LLS, I haven't really find someone who I'm really fond of as well~
I don't find myself suitable as Ruby 😂I am comfortable with Yohane, while I don't have proper 'idol' costume of Hanamaru yet but I'm quite reluctant to cosplay them because long hair 😂

I'm actually quite interested in cosplaying Dia though, but LLS isn't my main cosplan for now XD

I performed Soba ni Ite

There was a mistake with the rundown so due to various reason, I didn't sing You'll Be in My Heart
I only ended up singing Soba ni ite

My friend said I look damn happy in the photo XD

I was uber happy when I found out (on stage) that the MC was Mr Freddy Kesuma XD

It's not that I don't welcome other MC but it's like I may just go 'omg long time no see how have you been bro' (ok I'm not that open yet, I'm still shy in front of him 😂) on stage but yes, I was really happy to meet another person who I adore
He's definitely another person who I look up to for his professionalism

My only photos with Mr. Addie Ms 😂

This is what I meant with 'even when I meet my idol/crush, I don't dare to boldly ask for photo' for I'm a tsundereeee 😂
I don't think there's another person out there who says 'I am a tsundere' but here I am 😂

Of course I'd love a selfie or wefie with all the orchestra members during rehearsal (I didn't share the same changing room with them so the performance day was out of question) but I don't have the gut :x

Honestly speaking, I'm truly thankful that Buddy and his girlfriend came with me during rehearsal, or else I wouldn't even have photo of me with the team during practice 😂

Photos with my homies <3

That day, Mr Bahman and his beautiful wife came to watch my performance as well
Mr Bahman is one of the people who helped me with my VIVID GIRL album process and his lovely wife has been supporting me as well
It has always been his dream to watch me perform and I consider that day as first step toward his dream ><
I definitely need to work harder for everyone who have been supporting me

This event gave me lessons to learn, mainly on who are on my side and what professionalism is
Of course I'm happy that there are lessons to learn but in a bitter way, it's a 'you won't learn something if there's nothing wrong'
Because of that, I do have mixed feeling about the two days

I'm mainly sorry for not being able to answer everyone's expectation (there's unpleasant internal matter that I don't think worth mentioning in public because most probably it'll end up in a 'blaming' issue')
But I'm definitely not letting this pulling me back, because if I'm discouraged by what happened, I won't be able to act out what I've learned!

My June trip is ending as I post this entry, so next post will definitely be about my June!!
Thank you for staying tune to my weekly update~! <3

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