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China 2018

China, land of nature XD

If I don't put my own photo as my first photo, my post's preview is less attractive 😂

Without further ado, part 1 out of....5 posts about my China trip as I took a lot of photos due to 2 reasons:
1. the weather was gooooooooddddd. I mentioned this a lot of times in my IG-Twitter-andmostprobablyFBtoo that I was damn worried about this trip as the weather prediction was all cloudy and light shower but IT WAS WARM XD
nothing defeats sunshine for nice photos ;)
2. it was a relaxinggggg trip with no much time restriction so I could do more 'Instagrammer' thingy too; a lot of photos + short videos~
so this time I'm coming up with a random trip vlog too~!

Well, I don't mean 'not relaxing = not a good trip' because most of my Japan trip is me rushing everywhere and anywhere but of course, I love visiting Japan a lot XD 
so I just enjoy my trips no matter how it is :D

I left Medan on the 14th of June, spent one day in Singapore, took a flight to China on the 15th and reached around 6pm

It was 6pm and still so bright~
since I know that this trip will be relaxing, I brought my book along~!

China is definitely big~ 
I've visited a number of places before and this time, I visited the YunNan province
Our flight brought us to KunMing, the biggest town in the province~

Another relaxing thing about this trip is because I know a number of websites is blocked in China, so I couldn't do much work 😂
Thanks to Starhub, I still can update Fb and IG with photos but I can't upload anything to YouTube~ nor any blog update so yes, I took the chance to clear my English novel backlog :D

Short review~~
Last Letter from you Love by JOJO MOYES, I give it 3.5/5
The love story is nice, though the flow of the novel confused me a bit cause at one chapter is the present, next chapter is years ago, next next chapter is back to the present @w@..
For those who like detailed description, this book is recommended but that part isn't really my cup of tea.
One of the reasons why I try to avoid books which setting is like 50 years ago is I'm not familiar enough with the background, thus it's confusing to me 😂
I do like the writing style of 80s literature because I learned it ages ago in school but as someone who reads novel as an escape from reality, it's not what I'd really buy OwO
Nevertheless, Jojo Moyes' writing is one of my favorites~!

I didn't have chance to take photos because I only had a plane ride the whole day but I was wearing shirt from The Otter Space Social <3
Around 8pm we went to have dinner~

The Otter Space gave Buddy and I a number of gifts during Putar episode 5 <3
Loving the shirt a lot :B 
will wear it for next episode <3

Last April in Singapore, I bought a box of 8 Saiyuki 'mochi' plushies and I brought all 8 to China because China = Saiyuki XD
And just nice I was in China for 8 days, though we didn't go to any tourist spot with Gojyo on the first day 😂

We went to eat various types of mushroom in steamboat style @w@

Our tour guide mentioned that YunNan prefecture is famous for mushroom because the area is pretty moist~ 
lately I love mushroom because there's a special smell @w@...
thus I enjoyed the meal a lot~!

To be honest, one of the reasons why my family are pretty hesitant about going China is the food. 
A lot of (original?) Chinese food are very oily @w@..
and mostly with sauce @w@..
and always in big portion, for we are 12 people and most of the times we had 12 dishes on our table @w@..
I understand that it's Chinese tradition to provide more than enough to the guest but we simply think that it's a waste @w@..
But I had no much problem with Chinese food because I prefer that, as we take our own serving (can control how much we want)
It's definitely better than buffet cause most of the time I already stop after taking at most thrice (I lazy to keep on walking and take food 😂)
I also prefer it compared to western food because when we are served with1 personal serving, I don't have the heart to not finish the whole plate
So yes I like 8 dishes Chinese food. 12, too much XD

That was the day where we went back to the hotel the latest, around 10pm, mainly due to the flight schedule.
But nevertheless, I woke up excitedly the next day because it's a trip 😂

First stop in KunMing was JiuXiang Cave
Goku with me!

Goku's with me cause it's rock-viewing day, and he was prisoned in a mountain for 500 years XD
But this is where China's trip feel really started XD

I don't mean it negatively but when someone ask me 'you go China do what?', I'd always reply 'see stone' 😂
because China's tourism is famous for beautiful nature, from rock, mountain, water pretty much everywhere @w@
In a way it's (again) relaxing, to be away from busy city with car pollution everywhere OwO..
So it's also a way to increase 'zen' 😂

JiuXiang Cave is where the movie The Myth was recorded. 
I didn't watch so I don't know the plot but I know the soundtrack~ 
it was one of my fave songs back in primary school 😂

Commemoration photos~

Once again, there will be a lot of greenery for the next few posts, so i hope my photos can be refreshing? 
good to the eyes? 😂
and I don't think there'll be much explanation 😂

Be careful with the glass carefully to meet

China feel number 2? 😂

I don't have any photo for China feel number 3 cause it's about unclean toilets 😂
I'm pretty fine cause I go to toilet at most once in 3hrs but it's something horrible for someone like my mum who wanna go toilet at least once in 1/2 hr 😂

Our visit at JiuXiang Cave started with a boat ride~

The water was pretty unclean that day because the last few days had been raining~
Well, lucky us no rain when we were there but the walk-path was pretty slippery @w@..

One of the reasons why I don't recommend China to elders (though it seems suitable for them due to the landscape and scenery) is A LOT OF WALKING (trekking to be exact) @w@
A good walking shoe is always a must in China!!

Goku here and there XD

Family photo <3

We rode the boat along the valley?

I'm sorry I'm not a geography student 😂

Trees~ there's a pagoda at one side~

I did take selfie but only that one passed my judgement (?) 😂

The ride was really short, like 10-15 minutes.
Thus it's time to exercise, WALK :D

We slowly walked into the cave~

I think I stopped every 5 minutes for photos 😂
because been so long in ages since I entered cave 😂

Commemoration photo~

It was our first day, which happened to be the day where we walked the most 😂
In JiuXiang cave, I think we took 2-3 hrs~!

The first 1/2 hour was outdoor -> indoor -> outdoor -> at last indoor

The indoor part is where The Myth was recorded~
They added yellow lights so that it looks majestic? OwO

I think it's suitable for Goku as he has golden eyes XD

There were some people wearing traditional clothing as deeper in the cave there's this corner that shows one of the minorities' culture~

A well for wishes~
And I don't know why cat paw as guide to the exit XD

We spent like an hour inside the cave and our expression when at last we saw the light 😂

Beside the golden area, selfie is almost impossible inside the cave 😂
too dark 😂
They did put colourful lights but it's unnatural -w-

We continued walkingggggg to my daily dose of fear that day 😂

The cave was definitely in mountainous area. 
One attraction in mountainous area is definitely cable car......

One thing I dislike about China is most of the path is one way. 
In other words, if I want to return to the bus, I have no choice but to finish the whole path with the tour guide. 
I can't go via the way I first walked.
That's why I had no choice but to ride the cable car.

The first 15 seconds was ALL FINE

It's not just because I hate height but there's no barrier..

But yes, the first 15 seconds was all fine, thus I have the wefie above
But it went bad after on, especially as I thought 'singing' may be one solution and we started to sing a hyper song and started to laugh and the whole thing shook, brrr I still can feel the fear as I write this post 😂

The first camera was slightly after our wefie above

The second camera is 15 seconds before the destination, around 30 seconds from the above

Thinking about it now it felt fast?
But when I was on it, time felt so slow, as I closed my eyes after the 15 seconds
I just somehow noticed the camera because I Instagrammer (?) 😂
That night I had hard time sleeping because I could feel the fear as I close my eyes 😂

This was me after the first 15 seconds

My knuckles were all white after the ride because I held too tight 😂
But it was really scary for someone who fears height, because there's really no salvation if something drop ._.
I don't think it's good for my heart 😂

Back to bus -> lunch -> to the next tourist spot~

As I changed my hair color 2 days ago in Singapore, I was totally in love with it <3

MY hair now is more purplish :B

The next stop is ShiLin Rock Forest


We rode buggy to the entrance~

A lot of China's tourist place doesn't allow normal car and use buggy to avoid pollution~

石林, I forgot to flip my photo XD

But I'm really thankful for the beautiful weather during my trip <3


Commemoration photo


the place is HUGE

Our tour guide kept on warning us to not get lost because the place is so big that she said it'd take us 3 days 3 night to be found 😂

more stones

family photo~

somewhat the 'important' stone cause it says ShiLin :3

welllll those who like Chinese traditional fighting series definitely will be excited~

I don't watch by the way 😂
I just did whatever pose I had in mind 😂

Tour guide said people who dare to take photo at the place above is brave

It's cleared in the second photo but the stone above is in between 2 rocks with no other support 😂
Actually I didn't hear the guide and just took photo because my sister also took photo there 😂
I'm not the most attentive tourist out there 😂

We went uppppp and downnnnnn 😂

The view sure is nice though :D

Weather prediction really failed me 😂

In a way it's good? 
cause Japan's weather prediction also tend to fail me as it's always colder than expected but this one is something completely different; it's warmer than expected 😂

One week or 2 before my trip, I bought a lot of Tshirts from UNIQLO, so when packing I YOLO-ed with bringing mostly Tshirts with not so warm jackets so the warmer than expected is really good 😂
I even sweat after walking on some days 😂
Well, rain is never a good thing during trips @w@

Saw this one person in the middle of nowhere when I was riding a buggy

My sister and I joked that that person must be lost, only found his way after 3 days 😂

The stone in the middle is being said as Hakkai (bajie) because of the shape @w@..

One thing that I find silly about China is a lot of rock or names come out from imagination? 😂
Like for example when we were in the rock forest, our tour guide will point out a lot of rock and say 'it's a lion' 'it's Hakkai' 'it's XX' but it's only true based on imagination? 
it depends on the viewer? 😂
I'm sorry I don't have much imagination so I'm bad with it 😂

I remember during my other China trip, we saw one lake and the guide said that it's a 'belt lake' because a lady dropped her belt while doing laundry 😂
I guess because the more 'nature' part of China still believe in legends or folk stories 😂

Nevertheless, commemoration photo XD

Heard people playing music but they were across the water 😂
the next photo is 'rabbit rock' at the top 😂

We went back to the hotel early that day~
Actually a lot of the days, we went back to hotel early, in a way to rest from all the walking we did :D
Next day, we had 5 hrs bus ride to another town; DaLi~

At the border to DaLi~
Saw this bishoujo drink in the bus stop~

My friend said it's love nectar? 😂

I brought Sanzo with me and that day was Gintama Tshirt~

Sanzo because our first visit was Three Pagodas!

But we didn't enter the Pagoda area 😂

I think need ticket to the Pagoda? 
For some reason we only took photo from the outside, so only can see the top of the Pagoda 😂
It's not that we are not religious, though this wasn't a religious trip either but yea everyone just took photo outside 😂

Commemoration photo with Sanzo~

My sister took photos here so I took the chance for OOTD shoot :P

Again, thankful for the warm weather that I can wear my skirt XD
I'm back to sporting skirt and knee-high <3

More Sanzo and me 😂

Sanzo my Saiyuki first love XD 
Bad-ass monk 😂

Can't see the pagoda 😂

Lion rawr :B

Because it's China, it does remind me of Singapore's Chinese garden XD

To take this photo, I did the below 😂

But I satisfied with the photo, so I'm fine with it :B

Only half of my visit at Dali is in this post~
I counted it while updating my Twitter so here are some numbers (?) from this trip 😂:
- I was away for 10 days. I wore 3 sweaters, 7 tshirts, 5 UNIQLO 😂
-  8 days in China, went to 4 towns, 4 mountainous area, 4 gardens, 3 ancient towns 😂

I will be uploading my random trip vlog this Sunday~
I still have 4 blog posts backlog that I hope I can combine into just 3 to not extend my 'one month delayed' writings XD

This week I'm busy with my family event so I can't rush my blog m(_ _)m
Thank you for reading <3

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